The Odyssey: Boarding the plane to Seoul

From Bali we had a flight to Seoul with Air Asia doing a transfer in Kuala Lumpur. We were not expecting any major trouble in our transfer as we knew in South Korea you get a visa on arrival. 

We were all excited going in to our transfer for our Seoul flight when the Air Asia lady checking our tickets to Seoul says: "Where is your ongoing flight out of Seoul" ... and we are like: "We are in an around the world trip we will leave Seoul to keep traveling plus we should get a visa with no issues in Seoul"... and then she replies: "You will not board the Air Asia flight until I don´t see a ticket our of Seoul"... there was no point on discussing this further. 

We tried to assess our situation... 2 hours to the flight in Seoul we need to book a ticket out ASAP!! we try using the free wifi from the airport and book a ticket to Beijing with China Southern Airlines.. but the wireless connection is soooo slow that the browser keep on timing out!!!.... 1.30h to the flight... stress starting to take over.... we ask to be allowed out of the transfer area in order to get a better connection. 

We find a good wifi connection and try again to book the China Southern Airlines website but after filling everything the page gives a strange error and ask to contact the company..... 45min to our flight!!!! stress really takes over now...

We call the airline company brunch in Malaysia but the lady doesn´t speak very good English and was booking our flight to another Chinese city.... we give up and called the Chinese brunch which we are so lucky to get a person that spoke good English and was able to book our ticket!!!... but after tells us that will only send the confirmation in 1 hour!!! stress really takes over. We try to explain that we need it now.. our flight to Seoul is leaving in 20min!!!!!

as you can see from the above picture everything worked well!!! we were able to board our flight and in the way get some dim sum snacks for the flight!!!  

Guess what!! when we arrive to Seoul the immigration officer just stamped our passport for 90 DAYS!!! with no questions asked about a flight out of Seoul!!! BAD BAD BAD Air Asia, putting customers in to a huge stress for nothing! do you believe while we were struggling to get our flight to Beijing! that they suggested us to buy a ticket with Air Asia back to Kuala Lumpur... as exit flight from Seoul!!! :P 

Anyway! we arrived well to Seoul and had an amazing time there!!! more to come :)))

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  1. Não acredito!!! Fiquei estressada só de ler esse post! Ainda bem que vocês conseguiram resolver tudo a tempo, ufa! Quero ver fotos de Seoul!!!

    Camila Faria


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