Sightseeing in Bangkok!

A must see in Bangkok is the Grand Palace! Is truly majestic, 

It is just impressive the size of some of their statues! and the colorful details!

Next sight! Impressive Temple of the Reclining Buddha!

Not only is the reclining Buddha impressive but the temple surrounding it is quite amazing,

The way to end the day! Having dinner and seeing an incredible sunset and the Wat Arun temple! 

yummy dinner,

After a long bus trip we finally arrive in BANGKOK!

From Siem Reap in Cambodia e took a bus to Bangkok! This trip took ages! specially crossing the border... there was soooo many tourists and the imigration officials took their time double checking everything in the passport! But we made it! We left around 8AM and arrived around 9PM! :P 

Here is how packet our bus was!

After crossing the Thai border we were transferred to this micro mini bus.. that had a very interesting banner ehehehhehe, 

We arrived!!!! and we had the best room ever waiting for us :)))

To top it up we had some yummy welcome Thai sweets :) 

Time to explore Bangkok!!! The first thing that strikes you is all the colors!! second one.... SO MANY shopping Malls!!! 

There is even car stands inside the shopping malls!!! and we thought we had seen it all!

Antonio looking very puzzled at this humongous plan of the Platinum shopping mall,

That is the way to shop in Bangkok! take a trolley with you :)))

I have to say that Bangkok was a shopping temptation!!!!!! (Juana)

Sandals madness!!!

We went to check out the the infamous backpackers area in Bangkok:  khao san road we were very glad we didn´t book a place there!!!

You could get there your student card and even your Oxford diploma! all in one place :P

Some entertainment,

What a crazy place!  heheheh

Time for,

Awkunh Cambodia! Thank you Cambodia!

We had the most amazing 9 days in Siem Reap! Cambodian people are super friendly and helpful! The food is amazing and the Angkor temples are just breathtaking! Cambodia is definitely a must visit country! We only saw a little glimpse of Cambodia and loved it! so we can only imagine how wonderful the rest of the country must be! 

We leave you with same random shots of the Angkor Archaeological complex, 

After Siem Reap our next destination was Thailand! Bangkok!

A great surprise: Siem Reap

Siem Reap is the base city to explore Angkor Wat. We imagine it being super busy and with a lot of scams! But we were positively surprised! Siem Reap is actually a really nice city to relax and have some amazing tom yum soup and curries! 

Our fist dinner was just yummy! mango salad with a really nice fish and rice,

Here are some of the yummy dishes we had!

Superrrr yummy tom yum soup!

Amok Fish,

We had as well Cambodian hotpot but we have to say is not as nice as the Japanese one!

yummy noodles!

and fried rice,

We had our dinners almost always on the exact same place! the food was amazing and cheap! The family managing the restaurant was just lovely! 

Some pictures of Siem Reap that still maintains a very colonial look,