Best weekend market ever! The Chatuchak Market in Bangkok

We have seen a couple of weekend Markets but none beats the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok! It is just humongous!!! you can find anything there! clothes, shoes, strange foods, animals, art and the list goes on and on and on!!! 

We have to say we were overwhelmed by the size of this market! We probably only saw 50% of the market! 

We didn´t get a map of the market... but it might be worth it! 

There was this section fully of trendy shops! Juana could easily spent a couple of hours there! 

There was a lot as well of second hand shops like this t-shirt place,

A very colorful seller,

Super cute little monks,

some interesting snacks,

here you could get a drink and a show :)

You can get as well some fresh sea food,

yummy desserts!!! 

cuteness overloaddddddddddddd,

you could get your costume made flip flops,

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  1. We bought a beautiful painting of an elephant there, 1.5m on 1.5 meter, really nice market.


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