Visiting Temples

In order to visit the temples in Bali you need to wear a sarong and a belt :) here we are with our sarongs :)

a really nice temple in Nusa Lembongan :)

Currently we are in Lovina, Bali we will head this Thursday to Seoul! :)

The Nusa Lembongan Motorbike diaries

The best way or maybe the only way to go around Nusa Lembongan small streets is in a motorbike so we rented one for 5 euros a day :)

Here are some pics we took around the way,

-Before any motorbiking! power up with some breakfast,

-Checking the temples along the route,

the temples have some impressive wooden carved figures,

-We were not expecting this name for a restaurant in Nusa :) it had a pretty cool sign!

-Wait for the tide to come up in order to catch the boat to do some snorkeling!

-Checking out the best places to snorkel,

-Time for snorkeling!

ahhhh crystal clear water! and a lot of nemos and doris :)

-Small boat trip to the Mangrove forest,

-The only bridge that connects Nusa Lembongan to another island.. it didn´t seem very safe to cross :P

-Time to power up again! Lunch!

yummy Balinese noodles!

-What a view!!!

-Visiting the Gala-Gala Under Ground House, a men built house underground.. quite impressive!

-The dream beach, not so sure about it as the currents are really dangerous!

Time to rest and prepare for the next day :)

The paradise: Nusa Lembongan Island

After our stay in Sanur we took the Perama boat to the beautiful Nusa Lembongan island! the water is crystal blue! and you see some amazing fish while snorkeling.

While talking on the boat with the tour guide we found a really nice place to stay for about 20 euros per night a true finding!

The island income is mainly from seaweed plantations and secondly from tourism. The seaweed plantations started 20 years ago, with seaweed brought from Japan. Currently the plant it and sell 80% to Japan and Sweden for the production of cosmetics and medicines!

After work the workers launch kites and compete to see which one does the best dance in the sky! they had some impressive kites!

While our stay in Nusa Lembongan there was a big religious Hindu event which was the preparation for the cremation of 22 people that died in the last couple of years. They only do this event after the families were able to gather enough money to pay the ceremony! quite impressive we had the opportunity to see the preparations, properly dressed with a sarong! which is mandatory if you want to visit Hindu temples or join the ceremonies! more on this in our next post :)

Our second city in Bali, Sanur

Our second city in Bali was Sanur, we took the Perama bus from Kuta it was about 30min drive. Sanur is more of a family resort kind of place it has a lot of impressive resorts along the beach

but we were not that entusiastic with the beach it self! so we just stayed on day and moved on to Nusa Lembogan island. Which you just take a boat from Sanur and takes you around 1h to reach the island.

We did find a nice place to stay for only 35 euros,

and we had an amazing dinner!!!

Today is our last day in Nusa Lembogan! we really loved this island!! its the true Bali we were looking for! really nice people, amazing food and the views just gorgeous! our next stop is Ubud!

First Impressions Bali/Seminyak/Kuta

Our first stop in Bali was Seminyak a really nice area full of stylish bars and trendy stores. A big thank you to my sister (Sara) that gave us as a wedding first two nights in this amazing hotel!

the above flowers smell incredible!!

Starting the day with a power breakfast! with some traditional fried rice!

It was a long trip to reach Bali :) a total of 31h! first in a Qantas flight from London to Singapore and after with Air Asia to capital of Bali, Denpasar and all the waiting.

Tip! if you need transport to your hotel from the airport, buy a voucher with a fix price for your trip until the hotel, otherwise you really get overcharged for such a small ride.

Walking around Seminyak we´ve noticed that there is a lot of places where people give tiny offerings to the gods, you see it as well in front of every single store or restaurant,

The next day we had to check out the vibrant Kuta! where all the surfers hangout,

I don´t think we ever saw such a huge amount of Billabong , Hurley, Quick Silver stores in the same area. Interesting statues we found along our way to Kuta,

Specially for all our Belgium friends!! If you happen to be in Kuta/Bali and you are home sick! look no further :) there is a traditional Belgium food restaurant called Mannekepis!

With has the added value of free wifi :).. talking about free wifi! is interesting to note that you can find it in pretty much every bar/restaurant in the big cities as they use it as a selling point for you to come and eat at their restaurant :). So it was worth it to check always if there was a wi-fi network in the restaurant and after asking for the password :)

This post is being powered by the BatuKali restaurant :) ehehhehe

In the meanwhile we have decided in our route for the next week:

Sanur (beach area) - Nusa Lembongan (small island) - Ubud (cultural capital) - Padang Bai (beach area) - Gilli Terawangan (Lombok island) - back to Padang Bai!

From there we are thinking to probably head to Amlapura where an impressive water palace is located! and after Lovina :)

What do you pack for one year traveling

Its not easy at all to pack for one year! the tendency is to stuff up the backpack until there is no more space!.. We bought smaller backpacks in order to avoid that tendency! we are going minimal and along the way we will buy what we are missing.

But we do have the essentials :) In order to minimize the risks of one of our bags getting lost in our plane trips we decided to pack half of Antonio´s and half of my clothes in each backpack. We hope not! but if one bag gets lost at least we have half our staff to survive :)

The ideal is even to only check in one bag and have the other one going with us in the plane! we will check tomorrow at Heathrow if that will be possible :)

Sooo! the essentials we have in our backpack are:

-Medicines: Imodium, Malarone, Paracetamol, Anti Mosquito cream etc!

-Clothes, and here we go basic... 2 pairs of pants each, a couple of t-shirts and a jacket,

-Electronic Gear: 2 cameras, video cam, laptop, external drive, usb pens, 2 cell phones, 2 mp3 players, all their corresponding cables! and very important power adapters!

Thank you Kris for the great tip of using the plastic bags with zippers to store all these gear!! :)

Finally the bags we are taking:

And tomorrow we leave Europe towards Asia!! first destination Indonesia (Bali) via Singapore!!

The beginning of a GLOBE JOURNEY!! starts NOW!!

Thank you Samsung!!

We would like to give a big thank you to Samsung our sponsor! that provides us with a st550 camera, Omnia i9810 mobile phone and a netbook ns310! for us to document our trip and continue blogging through this Globe Journey!

this post is already powered by Samsung Netbook NS310!!