The beginning of an amazing journey!

We are Juana and Antonio. We've been living in Belgium for a couple of years and we are currently starting a great journey after our wedding :)

We are doing to departure in a one year around the world trip! Our main destinations will be South Asian and South American countries.

A bit more about our us :) We met in Lisbon at University (ISCTE) while studying for our Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering Degree. After we finish our degree we both did the Leonardo da Vince program in which I went to amazing Barcelona and Antonio to Plymouth UK.

After this incredible international experience we knew that we had to try it again! and so we took an international role at Cisco, working as engineers in Belgium.

Living in Belgium has been incredible!! this country has some amazing places to visit and well as super yummy chocolates and beer! During the last 5 years in Belgium we were able to travel all over Europe!

As well in the last two years we have been doing a Part-Time MBA at Vlerick! We will be graduating the 1rst of July!!!

We have quite a number of tasks for the next weeks:
-Finalize the wedding planning
-Prepare our trip plan
-Get vaccinated
-Sell all our belongings here in Belgium
-Get Married!!
-Party Hard!!
-Departure for an amazing Globe Journey!

This blog will be a platform to share our preparation as well as our experiences and adventures during our trip :)


  1. I wish that everything goes well on your amazing journey, and of course at your wedding :)
    I'm sure both experiences will be something to remember to rest of your lifes.

    Susana (university colleague)

  2. Hi Susana!

    Thank you very much for your kind words and wishes :)
    We really appreciate it!


  3. Congratulations! You have so many exciting things happening in your life right now. Your one year trip sounds amazing. We are dying to explore South America and I look forward to your posts.

    * Julia

  4. Hi Julia and Yuriy! Thank you for your wishes and kind words!! :)

  5. Descobri vosso blog por acaso, e posso dizer que foi uma feliz descoberta. =)


Thank you for your comment and support :)