Indonesian/Balinese Food!!

We loved Balinese food! is just super tasty and quite spice! here is a collection of the best meals we had while in Bali :)

This menu we found it quite cute! and it has the main Indonesian/Balinese specialty,

In Nusa Lembongan we found a really nice Warung (local restaurant) which had amazing food! it was so good that we kept on going there!

Green Curry

They had some amazing juices!! papaya and watermelon!

Red Curry

Tuna cooked in banana leaves

Amazing Banana pancake

Fried Rice with meat

Spicy vegetables with meat and rice!

While in Ubud we found this amazing Warung Dewa! everything that you ordered was super tasty and sooo cheap! we ended up having dinner ther every evening! :) and we meet really interesting people on those communal tables

vegetable noodle soup

spring roles

yummy spice noodles with meat

chicken with vegetables

vegetarian curry!! it was just amazinggg

Caju chicken

Mint and lemon juice!

we can only say... SUPER YUMMY!!!!


  1. Nice! mas quando tiras fotos de noite, tira com flash!!

  2. Hey sounds like you guys have been having too much food! Save some for the readers ;)

  3. Sara: yep! tenho que me lembrar mais do flash :)

    Ricardo: the food was so amazing!!! and don´t get me started on the Korean food :)

  4. Pronto, agora fiquei com fome!!! Tenho de ir almoçar!! Só pelo aspecto, parece ser muito bomm!!


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