Terima Kasih Bali, Thank you Bali!

Terima Kasih Bali Indonesia!!!! We spent 18 days in this amazing island and we had a wonderful time! We saw some amazing places and meet really nice people long the way.

Mid September was the best time to visit Bali, as it was low season :) you could get really nice prices for accommodation and the most touristic places were not crowded. We started our journey without knowing exactly what to expect and what to see :P but thanks to Wikitravel and the Rough Guide we managed fine! We only had the first two nights booked the rest of our accommodation we found as soon we arrived to each place.

One advice is if your are going for guest houses and budget accommodation always ask to see the room before paying! they are used to this in Bali, no one took it negatively when we asked to see the room first.
As well don´t be afraid to bargain the room price :) and try a discount if you are staying longer, as it was low season there was some bargaining power here!

For travelling around Bali we used the Perama bus, but we realized later that for two is more comfortable and sometimes a little bit cheaper to take a taxi, you just need again to bargain down the price! Basically we bargain down everything in Bali... maybe not restaurants and fancy hotels :) although you can always try ehehhehe

The food in Bali is amazing! really tasty! and the pineapple and watermelon juice! yummy!! what to avoid.... tap water and uncooked vegetables!

It was truly an amazing start of our Globe Journey!

We leave you it the sort video of the amazing Kecak dance,

Our next stop: Seoul, South Korea!!


  1. Ola! grande viagem! Estou encantada com as vossas fotos e queria saber que maquina usam. Obrigada e muitas aventuras!

  2. Obrigado pelo comentario!! :) ficamos muito contentes. A maquina que utilizamos nestas fotos é a Olympus xz-1 :)


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