Ubud: The cremation

While in Ubud we had the opportunity to attend a Hindu religious celebration, the cremation of the recent family that passed away. Once a family member passes away the family starts gathering money to proceed to their cremation. This can take some time as the cremation celebration is quite expensive. So they first bury their dead and after when they have enough money for the cremation celebration they dig them up and clean the bones which are after places in an animal status which is burned.

all the family dressed up for the event,

The offers for the deceased that are after placed inside the animal statue,

Moving on to the places where the cremation will take place,

After they place the animal statue in a platform ready to be burned,

This cremation is done together with other villages in order to have a cheaper price,

while you wait for the ceremony to start you can have some nice snacks! Fried tofu with a spice sauce,

this one we had never seen :) ice-cream sandwich with bread!

The atmosphere on this event is quite different of an western cremation, all the family gets together and it looks more like a celebration of the dead rather than mourning people.

When the time arrives this is how it looks like,

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