Ubud, the cultural capital of Bali

After Nusa Lembongan our next stop was Ubud which is considered the cultural capital of Bali. It is as well around Ubud that you can see some amazing rice fields! and yes... those are the ones that show in the Eat, Play, Love movie.

So... what did we do in Ubud!

When arriving to any place the first mission is to find a budget place, in Bali that is a room between 15 to 35 euros. After a longggg search we were able to find a pretty amazing place! right next to the rice fields :)

and it had a bonus, a really nice pool!!!

The second mission try the famous suckling pig as seen in the Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations show!

the place is pretty different from what we saw in No Reservations, the restaurant is now huge!! but the way of making this delicacy is still the same. It takes 5 hours to be ready!

the verdict is! that the pork is pretty good with the spices... but we in Portugal do as well an amazing pig! It is indeed good but not out of this world.

While in Ubud we saw as well a traditional Balinese dance The Kecak ,in which around 60 man did the music with their voices, there was no instruments used at all.. pretty impressive!

The last act is pretty impressive.... a performer jumps around flames :SS

more to come on Ubud! :)


  1. Muito giro! as photos ficaram muito boas! Tens de actualizar mais frequentemente para podermos acompanhar a vossa viagem!


  2. Liindo Juana :) estamos atentos, vai actualizando :D
    Muitos beijinhossssss

  3. Tamo de olho tambem Luiz e Isabel

  4. Olá Juana e Antonio,
    Fiquei a conhecer-vos através de um artigo que saiu no suplemento Fugas de 1 de Outubro. Fiquei super curiosa e, por isso, vim espreitar o vosso blog. Adorei! Já agora, tenciono visitar Bali em breve pela 1a vez. Será que me podem dizer o nome do hotel em que ficaram em Ubud ou é segredo?
    Beijinhos e continuação de boa viagem!

  5. Ola Sofia!!
    Obrigado pela visita :) Ficamos contentes de te poder ajudar! O nosso hotel é o
    Ala´s Green Lagoon:

    Juana e Antonio


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