First Impressions: Seoul

As soon as we arrived to the Seoul airport we were super impressed! indeed it has earned the title of one of the best airports of the world! 

The Koreans are super friendly! as soon as they saw our lost look entering the metro station the explain us which line should we take to reach our destination.

For the metro, bus and taxi you can use just a simple card that you recharge in the metro stations! very convenient! 

Seoul is incredibly developed and transportation system is great and easy to navigate. 

In Seoul we stayed with a lovely couple that we met in couchsurfing! Shannon and Ben :) 

we had a wonderful time with them! Thank you Shannon and Ben :)) 
Here is the super yummy meal we had our first day in Seoul, Korean BBQ! The first thing they bring is a huge amount of side dishes that they refill for free once they are empty :))

South Korea most famous and super yummy dish: Kimchi

Their most famous drink is Soju,

Personally not our favorite, but kite popular in Korea. When serving drinks in Korea the tradition is to serve each others drinks, never serve yourself. Always serve the older guests first until the youngest. 

Let the BBQ begin! 

It is really nice this meal! cooking your own food and sharing it with everyone :) 

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  1. It was great to have you guys- what fun to host!=)


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