New Zealand: Exploring Catlins

In the Catlins there was so much diversity! that we continued our exploration :)

First stop after a healthy breakfast! the beach,

Sea Lions :)

Living the vida loca :)

Next an impressive jungle walk to the Mclean Falls,

This is what amazed us the most in New Zealand the diversity of landscapes. You could be next to the sea with sea lions next you are in a tropical jungle! 

This is what we call lunch with a view :)

Our next walk was from Jungle to Beach,

Next stop the Nuggets at Nugget Point,

This was our last stop in Catlins. We wanted to continue going around the coast but is not possible because of Fiordland. We decided to head to Queenstown for the night and after cross to the opposite coast to see the Franz Josef Glacier

It seems like a lot of driving but the view long the way was amazing,

As good Lord of the Rings Geeks we went to check out of on the filming locations close by Queenstown, these locations were used to represent Isengard and Lothlorien

Next stop Franz Josef Glacier ! 

New Zealand: The Catlins Part 2

Our next stop in the Catlins was Owaka to spot the sea lions :) 

We stayed in small lodge next to the beach,

When we tell people about our 1 year around the world trip one of the questions that comes up is how did we manage laundry and how many clothes we took, here it is a picture with all the clothes we owned at this point in time :)

If you want to travel light you need to trade on the volume of clothes you take and be strategic on the items you choose. We did recycle our clothes during the trip, we gave them away and bought new ones.

Regarding laundry we always managed to find a place close by the hostel or in the hostel it self. The prices ranged from 2 dollars a wash to 5 dollars.
We did use an inventory list to make sure our clothes didn't went missing after laundry! ehehhe which did happen! but we managed to find the lost items :)

Time explore the sea lions!

Jackpot!!! A family of sea lions playing :)

There is nothing like lunch with an awesome view!

Back to our temporary house!

New Zealand: The Catlins

After Mildford sounds we head all the way down to the southeastern corner of the South Island, Catlins

The highlight of the Catlins was the wildlife! we saw the famous Yellow-eyed Penguins and Sea Lions. Plus the drive from Mildford Sound to the Catlins is just breathtaking! 

Strong winds!!!

Our favorite supermarket in NZ! Park and Save!

Time to see some Yellow-eyed Penguins!!!

Here they come :)

The star of the photo shoot!

"I'm here! take my picture people!!! I don't have all day :)"

An than the Penguin decided to walk just next to me... AWESOMEE!!! I've never seen a Penguin that close to me with out being in captivity!

we just have a word for this experience AWESOME, AWESOME and AWESOME!!!!

Time to head to our home for the night!! and have some yummy dinner with some Sauvignon Blanc!! since we had to trade off our private bathroom for a shared one... (budget constrains!! one year traveling has this things :) ) our perk was having wine with our dinner!