Ubud: The bicycle diaries

While in Ubud we rented some bikes and went exploring the rice fields!

the rice fields are just a gorgeous view!

we passed by a village specialized in doing wooden hand chairs,

they ladies working were extremely nice! even though we didn´t spoke the same language they invited us to check their work. Always with a big smile in their face :)

we saw the preparations for the cremations. The statue in the image below is used to store the bones of the deceased and after is completely burned.

checking out the map to see what was the best way to the Monkey forest,

the monkeys seem pretty cute in the pictures but they were very aggressive, trying to steal peoples bags to check if there was any food there :P

apparently in Bali all the kids have a uniform for school :) these kids looked super cute going to school all together :)

ahh what a view!


  1. Loved each pic!!;)

  2. Again.... It was me ;) Pims

  3. great photo's. enjoy the trip. how many more days :-) Joost


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