Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, KL!

From GeorgeTown we traveled by bus to Kuala Lumpur! The buses in Malaysia are pretty comfortable and spacious!

The first thing we went to check out as soon as we arrived in KL!! the Petrona towers of course!  

Sightseeing in KL,

In KL you see the Indian, Malay and Chinese influence everywhere! As well the Muslim community,

A must see attraction near KL are the Batu Caves,

Different warnings than usual, 

Gastronomical sightseeing in KL :)))))


Yummy tuna roti!!

A very different tea to what we are use to heheehe

Interesting ways to spell Portuguese :)

The KL towers by night are quite impressive,

This picture defines very well Malaysia,

Different cultures and religions coexisting peacefully! 

Georgetown! The coconut festival! Thaipusam

We were very luck in our stay in Georgetown! We saw a very impressive Hindu festival, in which people would say thank you for their luck in the past year. The would say thank you by smashing a huge amount of coconuts in to the grown!

 The coconuts!!!

Everyone getting ready to throw them!

Get ready!!!!!!! 

 Coconut madness!!

Traditional dancing, 

Everyone dressed with their best clothes, 

 We were really glad we had the opportunity to see these festivities! 

Malaysia! is Truly Asia!!! Our first stop: Georgetown in Penang

Malaysia is definetly a big suprise for us! What an incredible mix of cultures and flavors! We loved it!

The trip to arrive to our first destination in Malaysia, GeorgeTown in Penang, was not an easy ride! We left from Ao Nang in Thailand and took a minivan that would take us directly to George Town.. so they promised :P 

First challenge! they forgot to pick us up! HAA!! at 6AM we were there waiting and waiting and nothing! After we called the travel agency and of course they told we were not there :P In Thailand "Losing Face" is quite big... 

Anyway the came back to pick us up 2hs later... here is our "Angry face":

Here is our face "I hope they really take us to George Town and not just drop us somewhere else"

We can't complain! On the end we did arrive well to our destination! :)
Antonio still needs to work on his faces ehhehehe
Some interesting stickers in our vans hehehehe

Our van mates! We were the only westerns

Time to enjoy George Town! Which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site,

George Town was founded in 1786 by British trader Francis Light, Georgetown was one of the three Straits Settlements along with Malacca and Singapore. You see a lot of colonial influence,


The Chinese influence is very present as well, 

Time for some foooooodddd! Malaysia is known for having one of the best food courts in the world! and George Town is the mecca of amazing food courts! Being big foodies! we couldn't wait to taste these amazing dishes with Chinese, Malay and Indian influence!!

How can you beat a food court with an amazing view!


Our second food court experience!!! what we love about food courts is that there is a lot of stands that are specialized in doing one or two dishes and they are the best!

FOODDD!! a nice Oyster Omelet :)

Fried crab with rice,

Yummy chinese noodles,

Fried rice warped in a omelet (Nasi Goreng Pattaya),

Spicy fish! 

George Town rules!!