Visiting Temples in Bali

While in Ubud we took an excursion to see the most important temples of Bali and some other interesting views :) our itinerary was:

-Goa Gajah, or 'Elephant Cave' ( but there was no elephants there.... )

The daily offers for the gods,

-The Water Temple

the details on these temples are just magnificent! from the amazing wood carving until the stone statues.

-Organic Farm.

the snake fruit! it nice but difficult to describe the flavor!

they had a well a special coffee made with the help of these guys,

guess what they do :) clue... they eat the coffee and after! expensive coffee is made! ehhehe

demonstrating how the traditional coffee is made :)

we sampled some nice coffee and tea,

the most strange flavor was rice tea!

-Mount Batur

-Besakih Temple, which is one of the most impressive ones in Bali,

Antonio paying to the Hindu gods,

the colorful umbrellas, each god has its color,

-Rice fields view
where we spot this not so little friend!

-House of Justice

the ceilings where really impressive works of art!

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  1. Cool! My envy is immeasurable, inefable. I wish I was there. (By the way, have you tried registering your visits with EveryTrail? It is cool. Works with both Android and iDevices ( Another nice tool is 360 Panorama (, just iDevices, though. As to photos, why not Flickr or Picasa? Photos can be seen as a slide show, one by one, and individually commented on, classified, and shared. :-)


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