The best meal ever: Pumpkin Duck!!!!

This is the most well keep secret of South Korea! This amazing delicacy is called Pumpkin Duck!!! Just picture a yummy duck cooked inside a pumpkin for 1 hour!!!! all those flavors get together, just magical! ahh just thinking of it we wish we could have it one more time!!!!

Reaching this place is a true adventure!!!! this restaurant its located on the North of Seoul... and pretty easy to miss and end up in North Korea :PPPP

This is the most amazing dish we had so far!!!! just an explosion of flavor,

We are still wondering why no one else thought about this amazing combination!!!! 
pumpkin + duck = yummynesssssssssssss

but eating this delicacy requires some explanation! Here is the restaurant lady explaining us how to have it properly!! 

you need to warp the pumpkin duck on a picked turnip with some veggies :)

These are the faces of happiness from everyone that had this amazing dishhhhhhh

This delicacy gets the first price for best dish on Globe Journey!!! and it will be hard to dethrone it!! although the food we are having right now in Hong Kong might get a second place :)

there was not much left! ehehehhehe

If you are not full by now with this dish!!! there is an extra one! a soup made with the remainings of the duck!!! yes they don´t throw away anything!

If you are going to South Korea having this delicacy is a MUST!!! here is the card:

They only had it in Korea :S


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  2. Hey Charley! I didn´t figured out how to do it :P if you know please share :)

  3. Hi Juana,

    I think i will need to search is a recipe for this, so i can try it out this weekend, with a pumpkin i got for Halloween.

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