The ex Portuguese colony: Macau

While in Hong Kong we took a one day trip to Macau! After 1 hour in the catamaran we arrived to the emigration counter.... and waited 1 hour!!! because there was this huge queue of Mainlanders (Chinese) getting into Macau. Guess for what ? 

Unfortunately not for the Portuguese Egg tarts! eheehee... Gambling! 

Portuguese is indeed the second language... in all the written official documents... but not really spoken :(

The first casino, Grand Lisboa

The Portuguese influence, 

What is this ? Pork Chop Bun !??! no no no! we call it Bifana!!! yummy Bifana!!

Calçada Portuguesa!!!

Luis de Camões,

O quiosque!! 

We had a wonderful tour guide! Mr. Carvalhal :) 

He took us to a place where we had an amazing Squid Rice!!! Arroz de Polvo!!!

Amazing views!

The buildings in the back are all the casinos, 

The casino madness! buses and buses of Chinese people going there to spend all their money! yes because the money they win... they spend it in all the incredible huge malls that cover the ground around the casinos!

The Venetian! one of the biggest casinos in Macau,

The City of dreams,

Hong Kong Markets!! and Geek Alert!

Wondering around Hong Kong streets was definitely our favorite activity! there is always so much life!! And the best are the street markets you encounter!

-The first market,

So many to choose from and so many colors!! 

-The flower market, 

You can buy flowers or a bouquet of stuff animals !?!? :)

-The bird market, 

Here you can buy some live bugs for your birds :)

They have as well lovely porcelain water containers! 

One market we could not miss out! was the Golden Computer center! where you can find every single electronic device! 

This place is huge!!!!! 

you can find your angry birds memory sticks here!

and get as well your super bling mobile covers!

Only in Hong Kong!!!

The day the Giant Buddha was hiding!

One of Hong Kong´s main attraction is to see the Giant Buddha in the Po Lin Monastery. We were not very lucky with the weather! it was raining a lot! and the cable car ride until the top of the mountain included a lot of emotion and bouncing back and forward :P

This was the first time the weather failed us! :P rain, colddddd!!! but we didn´t gave up to see Giant Buddha!

The happy entrance gate! 

Time to get the legs working! 

The best shot I could get! with some help from the dramatic mode of the camera :) one of our favorite

Some impressive statues,

We found this cute statue,

On the way back in the cable car we had zero visibility! and a lot of wind.. quite a spooky ride down!

Antonio not very happy about being soaking wet and super cold :P

Nothing that a great Hong Kong dinner wouldn´t fix :)

yummy dumplings!!! can improve anyone's spirit!