Singapore: The foodies Paradise!!!

Our first post about Singapore... NEEDs to be about FOOD!!! Because this is just food heaven!!! :) there is a lot of other super nice things about Singapore.. but the Food is just incredible! all these Asian influences merged in to never ending food courts that can be found in every single neighborhood. 

So the food Fest starts NOW! :) 

One of the best dishes we had in this trip is for sure the spicy and black pepper crab! there  it is this heavenly dish:

I'm already drooling over this super duper yummyinesssss. The above picture is the black pepper crab.. you do cray.. because is damn spicy and sooooo gooodddd
Next... the spicy crab!

Following Anthony Bourdain's advice! we had to have the Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice!! I'm running out of adjectives for yummy food :P

Let me cote Anthony Bourdain's impressions on this wonderful dish: “Chicken rice is so fragrant and delicious that it can be eaten on its own.” For this delicacy we had to queue!! 

And to partner up with the Chicken rice.. yummy spicy cockles!

A Chicken rice with a more stylish presentation :)

A classic we had already tried in Georgetown in Malaysia... Scramble eggs with Oysters, 

Another favorite is Laksa! 

Spicy noodles and roti with Milk tea... Ahhhhh heaven! 

A vegetarian option :)

Ahhhhh Satay... with peanut sauce!!!!

Shrimp on a tick! 

An outdoor food court,

The food court experience! See where people are queuing... those are the yummy places! Try something new!! order several dishes :) and Share!!!

The food court! Were you get together with your friends and have a wonderful meal!

Sharing different yummy dishes..

with our wonderful friends Joao, Rute and little Tomas that hosted us while we were in Singapore :)

Terima kasih Malaysia! Thank you Malaysia

Terima kasih Malaysia! We had a wonderful time! and we were so surprised by your beauty and your wonderful people! We will come back! As we missed to explore one of your best kept secrets! the Perhentian islands due to the rain season.

A funny was to convey the message :) 

How we miss your wonderful food courts!!!

Thank you!

Melaka and Ex Portuguese Colony

After KL our next destination in Malaysia was Melaka! Melaka was a Portuguese Colony from 1509 to 1641 when the Dutch took over!

The Portuguese legacy,

In Melaka we stayed in a really nice guesthouse: Apa Kaba! Everyday we had an incredible traditional breakfast :) 

The beautiful Apa Kaba HomeStay,

Site seeing in Melaka! 

An interesting tourist attraction, tour the city in this super colorful little cars,

 Picture time :)

The Dutch influence! 

The Chinese neighborhood,

Food time!

And a wonderful tour of Melaka with a Apa Kaba family guide :))

It is always really nice to run in to a wedding!  :)

Traditional Melaka Houses,

Old school!!

Our next stop! Amazing Singapore!