Wondering around Tokyo! Antonio´s cooking class :)

The thing we most enjoyed in Tokyo was just wondering around the city and feeling the its incredible energy! Every now and than we would stop in a shop, supermarket and look at all the different things they have! the amazing packaging they use! Mainly with cartoons :)

Wondering in the supermarket,

Their tofu section is a hole isle! that is just heaven if you are a vegetarian!

Very yummy salmon flakes!

Fish balls to add in your hotpot,

some Pokemon fish mix,

In the supermarket a cartoon saying sorry for the counter being closed :)

Walking around Harajuku,

We found a Tamagotchi store! apparently they are still going strong in Tokyo!

You can even get some Tamagotchi donuts,

Harajuku girls!

Couldn't ´t resist taking some pictures of the beauty products!

The moment everyone was waiting for! Antonio cooking ehhehehe! Toshi taught Antonio how to do some yummy Onigiri! here are some pictures of the process,

Antonio taking the rice out of the machine and spreading it in order to add some yummy spicy tuna flakes,

very serious trying to get everything compacted hehehhe

The tricky part! Making it in to a triangle format!


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  1. Woooohaaaa looks like fun and adventure.

    Btw I just received the NZ card. Very very happy with it.
    Keep enjoying and feel the spirit!


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