Vietnam: Busy Hanoi

After one month and a half in China it was time to move to our next destination! Vietnam! It was as well the first time we crossed a border by land. Everything went pretty smooth! 

Hanoi is quite a dynamic and busy city! One of its biggest challenges is crossing the street! because there are soooo many motorbikes! Basically you just cross with all of them passing :P seems like something crazy to do... but is the only way to cross the street! Just take it step by step really slowly so the motorbikes can avoid hitting you! :)  

The food!! is sooo good :) and they had one of our favorites as well! Vietnamese Hotpot!

Yummy spring roles!

The streets are full of life! People doing small businesses everywhere! and here street food... well is really street food :)

Visiting the literature temple in Hanoi,

Students that just graduated taking pictures with their beautiful traditional dresses,

We were lucky enough to get to see a wedding as well :)

In Hanoi we met up with Shanna and Richard from The Netherlands :) we met them the first time in Yangshuo! they are doing an one year trip in Asia as well!

In Vietnam you see a lot of people with small business in the street! In this case a street hair cut!

We couldn´t resist sharing the translations we found in this menu :)

Lost in translation... but the food is just amazing!

We couldn´t leave Hanoi without seeing the water puppets show! really amazing!

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