The time the weather caught up with us!

From Hanoi we traveled by train to the Vietnamese Imperial city of Hue! 

Our accommodation in the train,

Our dinner some instant Pho Noodles! actually quite good for instant :P

We arrive in Hue and it was raining a lot!! we got soaking wet every time we went out! We didn´t knew at that time that it was rain season in this part of Vietnam! it rained non stop for 3 full days!! :P
But not everything was lost! we found an amazing restaurant! :))) here are some pictures of the amazing food we had there!

Yummy spring roles,

Beef Pho!

In Vietnam due to the French influence they have some amazing bread! you find a lot of this little places were you can get an amazing sandwich,

The best find in Hue was this little bakery in which you could get some pan au chocolat,

After four days of constant rain we decided to move on to Saigon! So far we had been really lucky with the weather!

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  1. Regarding the joke that your guide told "every-time an American soldier would get trapped the Viet Cong would sing: "bye bye miss american pie" ". This is simply not historically correct. Don Mclean's American Pie was released in 1971 and became #1 on the billboard for 4 weeks in 1972. American soldiers had already withdrawn from Vietnam since 1969. The fierce fighting in 1972 was carried out between Vietnamese Northern soldiers and Vietnamese Southern soldiers with a few American advisors. There were no American troop fighting the war in 1972 when the song became famous.


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