Incredible meals in Tokyo! Pumpkin Duck you have competition!

So far in our trip the most incredible meal we had was the amazing Pumpkin Duck in Seoul.... but in Tokyo we had some incredible meals as well!!! The Pumpkin Duck has some tough competition!!!!

One of the most impressive meals we had was the Fugu fish! Which is the poisonous blow fish that only special restaurants have a license to serve. The most incredible aspect of this dish is that you eat every single bit of that fish! 

It´s all about freshness,

Our traditional table,

We started by eating the flesh of the fish,

While waiting for the hotpot to warm up! This one is quite diferent! They use a special kind of paper that is able to contain the hot water,

Some Fugu sashimi, 

Every single bit of the fish to put in the hotpot.... some of them were still moving :P

Some vegetable and rice noodles go next in the hotpot! by now the water has the Fugu flavor!

Some sake with the fin of the Fugu!! You don´t waste anything from this fish!!!!

cooking the yummy veggies and tofu!

Our wonderful hosts!!! Akiko and Toshi :)

At this moment you might think! there is nothing else to eat! the fish is gone! as well the veggies... but the broth is still there!! so what do they do! they put some rice and a egg and cook it! you get a super flavour yummy rice!

The second competitor against Pumpkin Duck is the amazing Monjayaki! SO! how does dish work! you have a hot plate in front of you and the cook comes and does this kind of pancake/omelet! and after you need to scrap-it out of the hotplate and eat it! :) 

They yummy ingredients!

The cooking process,

Ready to scrap-it out!

It looks kind of funny but is really tasty!

For dessert! green tea batter and red bean paste!


These meals are so amazing! not only because of the food but the hole process! While the food is cooking you are enjoying your time with your friends. An these meals are all about sharing with everyone around the table! 


  1. Olá :)

    antes de mais, gosto muito do vosso blog e sempre que fizer uma viagem para algum deste sitios venho cá ver umas dicas :p vou ao Japão em Abril e queria experimentar o fugu e monjayaki que falaram aqui, podem dizer-me o nome/localização dos restaurantes das fotos? a confeccao do fugu é mesmo segura?


  2. Ola Carla!

    Obrigada pelo teu comentario :)
    Vou perguntar aos meus amigos Japones (os da foto) se se lembram da morada! ja te digo :)
    Tambem nos confirmaram que nao ha perigo, sao chefes certificados para poder remover a bolsinha de veneno!


  3. aqui esta a morada:

    For the blow fish, here's the map. It's close from JR Meguro station.
    The other monja place was in Tsukishima but I have no idea which restaurant it was.
    There's so many monja restaurants in Tsukishima so you just need to get off at the station and walk around - then follow your instincts.


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