The Geek Mecca: Akihabara

In the Akihabara neighborhood you can find everything from volumes and volumes of manga, manga dolls of all sizes and shapes!  a lot of games for every console alive! and of course the very strange Maid Cafes! 

Nintendo 3D :P

Some classics! 

Antonio´s best friend while growing up! :P

This Sega consle should almost be in a museum! 

Collectors little dolls in tiny bathing suits,

The big dolls! which you buy basically naked and customize to your own taste.. and the main target here is not little children.. but grownup men! 

So! about the maid cafes! Its basically a cafe shop were the girls serving are dressed like maids and their primary job is to talk with the customers... which are mainly men! and of course serve them some expensive cafe :) 

Here you can see one of the maids trying to recruit... mainly Men to their cafe shop, 

We had of course to have some colorful food! a peach and pineapple bun! 

What you see in Akihabara is the contrast in the Japanese society, everyone very organized and rule obeying and on the other hand they have this wonderland for grownups full of little dolls and manga about school girls :P 

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