Hong Kong: A little box of surprises!

After Shenzhen we traveled to Hong Kong. The boarder crossing is quite interesting! It is just from one of Shenzhen´s metro stations to a Hong Kong´s station! You need to cross a huge bridge between the two stations in which you read a big billboard saying NO TURNING BACK :P

We were super excited to go to Hong Kong as we heard so much about it! Amazing food, shopping and full of business savvy people! All our expectations were met and even exceeded! 

The HK metro is amazing! covers a lot of ground! you can even reach Disneyland! 

In our first trip in the HK metro we made two friends :) 

They spoke perfect English and were super interested in why we were visiting Hong Kong :)
At this moment we thought: Toto we are not in China anymore! 

Hong Kong´s dynamic movement and people are sooo different from any major city in China! We felt HK as a completely different country... and it is as we had to show our passports and fill immigration papers. 

You still feel that British vibe in the air!

We stayed in Kowloon Island and took the very cheap star boat to visit the Hong Kong island,

Hong Kong island is dominated by impressive sky-raises,

In the ferry station there was this cute poster that explained the different types of people that visit HK:

From left to right: PlayPlay, BlingBling, YumYum and TechTech :D I think we were in between the YumYum and TechTech :)

I have to share as well this really cool publicity for a super yummy Soya Milk called VitaSoy!!!

I loved it so much that I had it everyday while in HK :P I´m missing it so muchhhh!!

In HK at night there is no way to get bored! there are so many night markets :) here the plus was that bargaining was not an aggressive activity as in China, where the vendors follow you and keep trying to get you to buy stuff. Here you can bargain, they give you their lowest price and if you want it, great! if not they will not come after you that much! so you can relax and browse. 

You can find an infinity of cutesy stuff (even more than in Tokyo!!!)

and a lot of Angry birds stuff!!!

HK is well known for being the Meca to buy branded items! We could not believe our eyes.. people queuing to buy these extremely expensive items :P or as we heard some people saying... it was just the mainlanders (Chinese) buying the original ones in order to start the fake production :P 

And the mother of them all! LV! :P

Another amazing view of the HK island is from the Peak!

Next Hong Kong fooodddddddd :)))))))))) The Pumpkin Duck has some competition!

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  1. Haha, counterfeit makers won't need that many bags to start their business. The reason why branded shops are always crowded in HK (as in other shopping paradises like Paris, Singapore, etc.) is mostly because the same item (authentic) are sold double price in Mainland China.

    But you are right, Hong Kong is so different from Mainland China, so you can just deem it as "some other country" :)

    Bon Voyage


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