Beijing Food and some interesting menu translations :)

We were introduced for the first time in Beijing to one of the most interesting ways of sharing a meal, the hotpot! It's quite popular in Asia and every country has its own version.

It consists of a heated hot pot with a broth, which can be normal or spicy! as this was our first time we decided better to have half normal and half spicy, just in case the spicy was realllllyy spicy.. which it was :P

A big thank you to Shawn for taking us out for this treat! We meet Shawn using our Vlerick Alumni network! and it was a true pleasure to get to know him!

The fun part of the Hotpot is to order all the side dishes to put in the pot :) so we had a yummy selection:


One of our favourite snacks in Beijing was the dim sum!!!

more yummy Beijing food,

Fish with some caramelized sauce,

The amazing Peking Duck,

In this restaurant they had an interesting translation of some dishes to English... we couldn´t resist to share it :)

Who said Chinese food was only fried stuff ?

Chinese food is quite diverse! and very different from province to province! It is a true pity that in Portugal we only get the super fried stuff and really greasy... which by the way we never had in China! it simply didn´t exist in any of the provinces we visited!

They also have some really nice teas! with cool bottle designs,

Another Beijing classic, you roll the meat and the vegetable in the tofu sheet,

In this dinner Antonio had his first bad choice :P he wanted Duck but some how ended up with cold Duck :P ehehhehe good we ordered some extra dumplings to make up for it :)


  1. Yum, I love hot pot! And you gotta love the funny translations in Asia.

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