Hong Kong Food.. just amazing!

If you´ve been following our blog for a while you´ve noticed we are major foodies!!! one of the best treats in this trip is to have the chance to taste the amazing local food of each country! If you like food... Hong Kong is heaven!! so many flavors and smells! ahhhh we miss you Hong Kong!!

Pumpkin duck! you have some real competition for our number 1 best food we had so far in this trip!! And your competition comes from Hong Kong! this amazing dumplings place.... Thet pork barbecue bun is just heavenly!

Yummy shrimp and pork dumplings, 

Look at this beauties, 

This gelo cube was dessert, with a flavor quite difficult to explain... it was sweet with tea herbs and it was sooo fresh!

This place was sooo good that had an extensive wall of fame,

Thank you Ekitzel for taking us to this amazing food feast!

After this amazing meal we had some desert! 

ice cream!!! 

Another Hong Kong delicacy is the cripy pork with mustard,

In Hong Kong is very common to see restaurants with fish tanks, so the customer can select the fish and be sure is fresh! 

In your table you always have the serving chopsticks and your eating chopsticks,

Is very common in Hong Kong to share a table with other people when the restaurant is crowded, this were our neighbors... both checking their emails! :P btw Hong Kong people are extremely high tech! they change so fast their mobile that there is plenty of second hand with some interesting deals. 

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