Shenzhen: the fastest growing city in China

Shenzhen is one of the fastest growing cities in China, 30 year ago there was nothing there! 

It is in this city were all the majority of the factories are located. Foxconn the company that produces Apple´s iphones and ipads is located here. We had the chance to visit the Foxconn factory that is producing some of Cisco´s products. Unfortunately we couldn´t share the pictures we took there, confidentiality! 

The building rate in this city is incredible, every place you go there is a construction going on and people are working around the clock. 

In Shenzhen we stayed with Ekitzel and her wonderful family!! We had an awesome time!

This day we had a wonderful meal at a Chinese Muslim place,

Aubergine with some greens!

A simple but yummy salad,

Pita bread!! :)

Amazing baked potatoes with spices,

After was time for some dessert! We went to this Hong Kong chain called Honeymoon dessert! just want we needed eheheeheh

Desserts in Asia are quite different from what we are used in Europe... chocolate here is not very big :P the king is red bean and sesame seeds! 

This is a black sesame hot soup! is quite yummy. It looks like chocolate mousse, it has the same texture but the favour tells your brain that is not chocolate mousse :)

This one is difficult to explain... it´s like a rice paste with some peanut paste inside :)

Shenzhen is as well the closest city to Hong Kong. Many families that work in Hong Kong are living in Shenzhen as the housing costs are lower. As well you can see many cars with two places the a Chinese one and a Hong Kong one.

On the above picture you can see the bridge that connects Shenzhen to Hong Kong.

In this city everyone is connected with their mobile all the time! just check out this picture eheheheh

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