Shanghai Food

Shanghai´s most yummy dish are the Dim Sums! :) they are very different from the ones you get in Beijing. Since these ones have a little soup inside. You really need to master your chopsticks in order not to loose that yumminess!

Before eating it you deep it in a vinegar sauce,

You can also find in Shanghai the bigger version :)  

and the yummy soup!

It is really interesting to see that you have so much food diversity in China, each region has its own cuisine and special dishes! 

We never had before shrimps like these ones. You could eat them with the skin as they were so crunchy!

This dish was quite a surprise for us as it looks like Pudding, which we have as desert in Portugal :) But this one is not sweet as it has clams in it! It was quite nice!

Our lunches ended up being almost always in the same place :) this little noodle and Dim sum place next to the hostel. In which we could both eat for less than 5 euros!!  

Yummy lunch and Antonio´s most popular t-shirt in China :) 

Every time we arrive to a new city one of our mandatory stops is the super market :) 

Quite a selection of dry fish, 

Something you would never expect to see in a Carrefour, 

live frogs and river snakes :P ready for take away! ehehhe

We had to show as well what we took in our long train trips! Kung Fu Panda Tea, with some noodles, dim sums. As well the healthy snack! some cucumbers! 

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  1. Finally, I saw the gigantic Xiao Long Bun :)

    BTW, those beside the bull frogs are actually "swamp eel" living in waterside mud / swamp. Snakes can only be found on black markets, not in Carrefour :D


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