We were really looking forward for the Great Wall! since kids we always saw it in the documentaries about China! our expectations where high and we were not disappointed in anyway! A big thank you to Beth our Cisco colleague that took us to one of the nicest part of the Great Wall! :)

As a bonus! it was a beautiful sunny day,

We had to jump!!!! on the Great Wall :))

During our walk we met this group of ladies that used to work in the army and now are retired and travel all over China singing :)

In this section of the Great Wall there is several parts that are in ruin,

Our jumping sessions, 

Just amazing!

The surroundings are just beautiful as well! we were there in October so the leaves where changing color :) 

We leave you with the lady's singing! Disclaimer: We don´t know what are they singing about :P

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  1. jiandliu@cisco.comApril 10, 2012 at 5:26 AM

    The ladies were singing this song:

    Basically the lyric they're singing in your clip should be:
    me sou(rce) la me sou(rce), la sou(rce) me do(s) righ(t), (Chairman Mao) praise our shooting skill ranks No. 1.


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