Seoul Temples and Palaces

Seoul has some impressive and very colorful Buddhist temples. The Palaces as well are huge and with a lot of small details. Plus back in the day in those palaces lived the King, his wife and concubines all in the same area! 

We visited Jogyesa which is just in front of the temple stay office where you can book a stay in a temple :) two days one night! :) which is a pretty amazing experience :) we will leave it for the next post!

The impressively Gyeongbokgung Palace, 

The change of the guard,

Our tour guide with the traditional Korean dress, 

The throne,

Another lady dressed in the traditional dress :)

This palace has so many incredible buildings! this is one of the most famous one, 

All the roofs of the palace had this really nice detail,

After all this temple and palace seeing we had to have a little nap in the huge garden on the back of the palace ehhehehe

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