Seoul Street Markets

Seoul Street Markets are really colorful and with a lot of really nice snacks!! A big thank you to our Seoul Cisco colleague SangHoon and his family for this wonderful day :)

In these markets there is almost always a street dedicated to a specific item, in this case was children shoes, 

The clothes section, were you could even find Louis Vuitton boxers :P

We had no idea what this was! maybe some kind of sausage ?

nop! it is little rice cakes in a spicy sauce :) we had to try them of course,

it is an interesting flavor! quite spicy :) after Bali we can manage spicy much better! we thought... until we arrived to China! :P but that is another story for later ehehehehe

our other snacks were an assortment of meats,

soup with rice dumplings,

fried sausage,

they were really yummy!

Continuing our market tour we found an area which only had stationary with an amazing collection of rapping paper! 

some very interesting chocolate candies! specially the seaweed chocolate!

In this market you could find any kind of dried seafood,

they had as well a huge underground market selling everything from hygiene products until french chandeliers!

couldn't resist to share as well this super cute picture we found in the metro station,

after we had an amazing dinner....!!! yess there will be a lot of posts about food in Korea... because it is just amazing!!! a lot of different ingredients and pretty healthy!! 

The menu of this restaurant was very original :)

Our table was full of amazing side dishes! we just love this culture of sharing the food with everyone! the chopsticks in Korea are metal ones so we had a pretty good training there! by now we are considered chopsticks masters in China eheheheh! 

SangHoon and his lovely family :) thank you for the hospitality!

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