The Cat cafe in Seoul, Attention: Cute overload!

While in Seoul we heard about these Cat cafes in which you just buy a drink and you get to play with all the cats they have there! we had to check it out!!!

Since this Cat cafe is in the last floor of a building, they had to publicize it well, 

Couldn´t resist to take a picture to the sticker that Garfield had in his back :P Not the best translation for what they meant! :P

The Cat cafe rules: 

With drawings :)

And finally the pictures of the super cute cats they have!!!

As a plus you get your drinks with little cat faces :)

The top attraction was the fur-less cat,

Hard life!!!

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  1. Hello, I chanced upon your blog. This looks like a very nice cat cafe. May I know which part of Seoul is it located in? Thanks.


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