Power Women!! Trekking in Yangshuo

During our trip we have been noticing that we find more women travelling alone rather than men!  Yangshuo was no exception!

We started our walk with Catherine! from Germany which we meet at our wonderful guest house! and by the end of the walk we had meet as well from Germany Kathrin and from Israel Lior and Rotem! Catherine and Kathrin were taking a month travelling around! and Lior and  Rotem took one year of as well! to explore the world after their two years in the army, which is mandatory in Israel.

Here are some snap shots of our journey! 

We took the local bus to the starting point of our trek, 

When we arrived to our destination, there was a looooot of people waiting to start selling us a lot of stuff!

It was challenging but we made it out of the bus!

After a lot of bargaining we were able to get a decent price to cross the river :)

Time to put those legs to work!!!

The snacks you can get along the way :)

This trek had a sweet and sour part! The sweet was that we needed to cross a couple of times the river in order to continue our path... the sour was that we needed to bargain every time! :P 

The best snack around the Yangshuo area was tangerines! you could find them everywhere at really cheap price!

Arriving to the end of the trek! 

Yummy rice snack,

Group picture!


  1. jiandliu@cisco.comApril 10, 2012 at 5:45 AM

    Your blog is very good, nice picture with interesting comments. After reading this, I know where is my next destination!!! Thanks!

  2. your trip looks amazing !
    Im looking to go through yangshuo and then find a way to Kolkata in north east india at the end of it! Whats the best option for travelling through in the right direction, ie; starting and finishing points? Looking for a preferably train ride, or plane if necessary. Where are the airports at the end of yangshuo? If you know any of this it would help so much ! follow my blog at foxisgay.com aswell !



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