Xie Xie China, Thank you China!

Before we start! We have a good reason :) for our delay in the posting :) The last month we have been in New Zealand and free internet is really hard to come by... plus when is free you only have like 50megas or 30min of usage :( not enough for us!!

Every time someone ask us which is the country we liked the most, China is always in our reply!
Why? because it is so different from everything we are used to! first you have the language which is really complex! each letter can be said with different tones and mean something completely different! So forget about trying to read mandarin with the western alphabet! 

The big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen have this incredible energy ! people dancing in the streets, doing tai chi in the gardens! A mass of people going around the humongous shopping districts! 

On the other hand you have these rural villages which from outside look kind of stuck in time.. but guess what? everyone has a TV and some even a laptop! 

Everyone always asked us: How was it to get train tickets? and we have to say not as terrible as everyone pictures it :) you just need to go to google translate and try to write the symbols of your destination! and they will get you the right ticket! Do check the website seat61.com for info on how to read the ticket just to make sure you have the right one :)

Don´t get us started on the food!!! Is just amazing! nothing to do with what you get in Europe! Ahhh dim sums... noodle soups... duck!!! yummmmyyyy we kind of miss eating with the chopsticks! 

We leave you with some pictures of our last destination in China, Guilin! The Longji Dragon´s Back Rice Terraces! 

Ahh how we miss some nice Chinese noodles! with some extra red peppers for Juana!!

We could not leave China with a small remark of something we found really quite different! Some parents in Chine do not use diapers for the babies... here is their alternative for the diaper! we have to agree that at least he will have less rashes :P but not a pleasant sight for the person standing next the baby :P 

Another big thing not only in China but in the Asia, is the matchi matchi! basically when a couple uses the same clothes :)

Xie Xie China!! We had a superb time! We will come back!!! definitely!

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