A breathtaking Chinese landscape: Yangshuo

This is the landscape in the 20 rmb bill and is just gorgeous! When people ask us what is the most beautiful things we have seen so far Yangshuo is in our top! 

This post was not easy to make! I have so many wonderful pictures! it was difficult to choose which ones to post! Here they are! I hope you enjoy them! and it motivates you to discover this amazing Chinese region! 

Your really get a view of the rural life in China, 

Everyone was really friendly and always saying to us "Hellowww" with we replied with "nǐ hǎo"

The famous bamboo boats! 

Just a lovely!!!! 


  1. This is indeed amazing. Enjoy the rest of the trip. Joost

  2. That looks like an absolute dream!

  3. This is amazing!! I just stumbled across your blog from a posting about your wedding. You guys are extremely lucky!!

  4. You should also go to JiuZhaiGou, you'll be amazed. You two are the coolest Cisco-ers. Looking forward to seeing more photos.

  5. Those pictures are breathtaking.


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