Impressive Beijing and the Forbidden City

As soon as we landed in Beijing we were blown away! we had no idea how developed China was. Every thing is huge and majestic! Without knowing we booked a place near one of the many shopping districts in Beijing and we could not believe our eyes when we saw their malls. They are humongous! with every single brand you can image! some of which don´t even have shops in Europe... but they do have them here.... guess why... the Chinese middle and higher class have an impressive purchasing power! 

We never saw so many Apple shops as in Beijing and Shanghai! 

The place we were staying the first night in Beijing was quite hidden! Good we had the address in Chinese :P but it was quite nice, is what they call a Hutong,

The Forbidden City, what can we saw... is HUGE! and impressive,

There was an impressive queue of people to enter but it was mainly Chinese tourists. We didn´t see any western. So October is quite a good month to visit this area :) the weather was pretty ok! right now is freaking cold in Beijing :P

There is so many beautiful details in each one of the buildings :P good I have 8gb of memory in this camera!

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