Kamsahamnida South Korea, Thank you South Korea!

Thank you South Korea! We had 10 wonderful days in this amazing country! We are so impressed how they have come from almost nothing after the war and they have achieved so much! The Korean are super friendly! the food is simply amazing! KIMCHI rules!!! 

One thing that cannot be missed in South Korea! is doing a temple stay! It was just amazing!


What we are really missing already is the amazing Korean foodddddd,

the amazing Korean BBQ!

Our favorite snacks! the rice triangles with crunchy seaweed!!

and the instant noddles :)

And of course we could not forget the best food we had so far in this trip!!! PUMPKIN DUCKK

We really enjoy the Korean culture of sharing the food! its really nice, just to order a couple of dishes and everyone shares :) much better then in Europe.. one dish per person and if yours sucks! you are stuck with it :P

South Korea is probably the most well connected country we have been at! there is a wireless network everywhere! bus, metro, tour bus you name it! 

Korea is all about being connected! :) One thing we didn´t metion so far is that they their Pop music is HUGEEEEEEEEE in Asia.. meaning we have been hearing this song in China, Hong Kong, Japan everyoneeeeee they know ittttt!! they might make it to Europe who knows! right now is the most popular ring tone in Asia.... with no more delay here they are!!! The WonderGirls with Nobody:

hang on until minute 2:11 when it starts :))

The chorus kind of get stick in your mindddd specially when everyone has it as ring toneeeeee!!!

"I want nobody,nobody but you.
I want nobody,nobody but you.
How can I be with another,
I don't want any other

I want nobody

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