The Angkor Wat Sunrise and the Big Circuit

We had been biking the last 4 days to Angkor and it had been amazing! But it would be tricky to reach the Angkor Wat Sunrise by bike and after reach all the temples of the Big Circuit! So we took a tuk-tuk for the day in order to see both!

We never expected so much people to be there at 5AM... but it was full of tourists with their humongous cameras!

We waited and waited.... the sky was really cloudy,

With a little help of my color filter I was able to pull a bit the sunrise colors,

With our matchy-matchy tshirts,

Exploring the Angkor Wat temple,

The breathtaking sculptures that showed the conquers of the Kings,

The view from the top of the Angkor Wat temple,

Leaving the Angkor Wat we saw a couple of monks...

that were basically posing for a tour group...

The Angkor Wat is a beautiful temple but we personally liked better the Bayon and Ta Prom temples!

Time to continue our exploration! visiting the Big Circuit that contains the temples further away from Angkor Wat: Preah Khan, Neak Pean, Ta Som, East Mebon and Pre Rup.

Our ride!

In the temples there was always a lot of little children trying to sell you postcards and impressively they knew how to count them in a couple of languages!

We found this little dude,

We truly loved every single day we visited the Angkor Archaeological Park! It was really nice to take our time and absorb all that majestic beauty!


  1. Simplesmente fantástico!! E as fotos estão absolutamente geniais :D

  2. Hi Guys,

    It's unbelievably beautiful the stuff you have been able to see while travelling!!!

    Best regards from Cork,Ireland
    Svitlana & Craig (Nuasa Lembongan, Indonesia :)

    P.S. You are welcome to visit us anytime :)

  3. Hi Svitlana and Craig!

    We are so glad to hear from you guys!! :) we still remember the amazing meals we had in Nusa Lembogan!

    This trip has been amazing!! If we ever end up visiting Ireland we will let you knw!

    All the best,
    Juana and Antonio


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