Building up our expectations to Angkor Wat: The impressive Bayon Temple

After the Ta Prohm temple we visited the impressive Bayon Temple. Normally when visiting Angkor people head immediately to the Angkor Wat temple but we decided to visit all the surrounding temples and finish with a majestic sun rising in the Angkor Wat temple.

The most impressive feature of the Bayon temple are the massive stone faces,

 What really impressed us was the detail in the stone sculptures, 

Trying to take some artistic pictures :)

Traditional dancers,

 Antonio's nice t-shirt,

Walls and walls of sculptures depicting historical events and scenes from the everyday life of the Angkorian Khmer,

After Bayon we headed to the Terrace of the Elephants from where king Jayavarman VII viewed his victorious returning army,

Buddhist monks enjoying the temples,

 A legion of tuk-tuk drivers waiting for their tourists,

Time to bike back to the hotel and rest!!! :) there was still 4 more days of exploration to go :) 

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