A great surprise: Siem Reap

Siem Reap is the base city to explore Angkor Wat. We imagine it being super busy and with a lot of scams! But we were positively surprised! Siem Reap is actually a really nice city to relax and have some amazing tom yum soup and curries! 

Our fist dinner was just yummy! mango salad with a really nice fish and rice,

Here are some of the yummy dishes we had!

Superrrr yummy tom yum soup!

Amok Fish,

We had as well Cambodian hotpot but we have to say is not as nice as the Japanese one!

yummy noodles!

and fried rice,

We had our dinners almost always on the exact same place! the food was amazing and cheap! The family managing the restaurant was just lovely! 

Some pictures of Siem Reap that still maintains a very colonial look,

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