Pulling a Lara Croft in the Ta Prohm temple!

The Ta Prohm temple is very known for being a set on a Lara Croft movie! This was one of the temples we were really looking forward to see! 

As this is the only temple in which the trees that mingle with the temple were not removed. In many of the other temples the trees were removed in order to preserve the temples structure. 

The  sculptures around the temple are just divine,

 The only sound that could come out of our mouth was WOWWWW!!! Magnificent! 

Of course Juana! couldn´t miss out on some Lara Croft impersonations! ehhehehe

The famous Tomb Raider  entrance, 


It was a long day of exploration ! time for some rest and a little snack! one of our favorite fruits in Asia... the Dragon fruit! 

 Our super wheels!

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