Hong Kong Markets!! and Geek Alert!

Wondering around Hong Kong streets was definitely our favorite activity! there is always so much life!! And the best are the street markets you encounter!

-The first market,

So many to choose from and so many colors!! 

-The flower market, 

You can buy flowers or a bouquet of stuff animals !?!? :)

-The bird market, 

Here you can buy some live bugs for your birds :)

They have as well lovely porcelain water containers! 

One market we could not miss out! was the Golden Computer center! where you can find every single electronic device! 

This place is huge!!!!! 

you can find your angry birds memory sticks here!

and get as well your super bling mobile covers!

Only in Hong Kong!!!


  1. Ahhh geeks. I wanna go there :-)

  2. Parabéns pelo blogue! Grandes fotografias, paisagens e conteúdo interessante.


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