What do you pack for one year traveling

Its not easy at all to pack for one year! the tendency is to stuff up the backpack until there is no more space!.. We bought smaller backpacks in order to avoid that tendency! we are going minimal and along the way we will buy what we are missing.

But we do have the essentials :) In order to minimize the risks of one of our bags getting lost in our plane trips we decided to pack half of Antonio´s and half of my clothes in each backpack. We hope not! but if one bag gets lost at least we have half our staff to survive :)

The ideal is even to only check in one bag and have the other one going with us in the plane! we will check tomorrow at Heathrow if that will be possible :)

Sooo! the essentials we have in our backpack are:

-Medicines: Imodium, Malarone, Paracetamol, Anti Mosquito cream etc!

-Clothes, and here we go basic... 2 pairs of pants each, a couple of t-shirts and a jacket,

-Electronic Gear: 2 cameras, video cam, laptop, external drive, usb pens, 2 cell phones, 2 mp3 players, all their corresponding cables! and very important power adapters!

Thank you Kris for the great tip of using the plastic bags with zippers to store all these gear!! :)

Finally the bags we are taking:

And tomorrow we leave Europe towards Asia!! first destination Indonesia (Bali) via Singapore!!

The beginning of a GLOBE JOURNEY!! starts NOW!!


  1. Good Luck Juana & Antonio. Keep up with the updates and the pictures of those wonderfull places!

  2. Thank you Jose!! we will keep posting pictures for sure!! :)

  3. Hum.. there's a BMW key on the bed! FaKE! ;-)

    Go go! Discover the world and bring back nice memories. :-)

  4. ehhehe we had to take the key so we could return the car in Belgium :)
    we are already collecting a memories in Bali :)

  5. Hey Antonio,

    nice pictures, have fun !



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