Our second city in Bali, Sanur

Our second city in Bali was Sanur, we took the Perama bus from Kuta it was about 30min drive. Sanur is more of a family resort kind of place it has a lot of impressive resorts along the beach

but we were not that entusiastic with the beach it self! so we just stayed on day and moved on to Nusa Lembogan island. Which you just take a boat from Sanur and takes you around 1h to reach the island.

We did find a nice place to stay for only 35 euros,

and we had an amazing dinner!!!

Today is our last day in Nusa Lembogan! we really loved this island!! its the true Bali we were looking for! really nice people, amazing food and the views just gorgeous! our next stop is Ubud!


  1. Esse jantar acabou de me abrir o apetite :)
    Queremos mais fotos, como é a praia em Nusa Lembogan!!! Beijinhos grandes

  2. Hi guys,
    did you get the red snapper for your last dinner on Lembongan at Ketut's Warung?:)
    We made it to Ubud yesterday morning. Batter for accommodation with breakfast, if haven't prebooked anything yet. We got one at Warung Kacu for 150000 IRP, it's off Hanoman Street, on Jalal Dewi Sita.

    Don't be fooled like me to think that The Elephant Cave (Goa Gajah) will have anything to do with real elephants :))) I walked 2 hours to it in the flipping heat to get there, a bit of disappointment due to my own ignorance :))))

    We are trekking Mount Batur in the morning. Up at 2am, climb takes up to 6 hours including breakfast. Then heading straight to Ulu Watu. I can't quite remember where you said you were heading after Ubud. I hope you were able to find your roasted piglet :)

    Your fellow travellers,
    Svitlana and Craig.

  3. Hi Svitlana and Craig!

    We had tuna instead! was really good :) as everything Mrs Ketut cooks!

    We´ve just arrived in Ubud, we found a place at Bisma street a bit secluded but with a nice view :)

    After Ubud we head to Padang Bay :)

    We found the sucking pig! is really close to the tourist office of Ubud is called Ibu Oka and they start serving at 10am! so it looks like is pig tomorrow for breakfast! eheheh

    With whom are you doing the trekking to Mount Batur?

    Your Portuguese fellow travelers,
    Juana and Antonio

  4. Ola Juana and Antonio,

    Today is our 3rd day on Kuta, Lombok. Very different to Bali. I'd say this is the way Bali was 30 years ago. Very quiet apart from little kids trying to sell bracelets :), amazing scenery!!! We are staying here until Friday. Flying back home on Saturday evening.

    Sorry I am responding only today but have not got to the internet access until now. Not that it was not available but I seem to forget about it and also my mobile phone :))) We climbed Mt Batur just the two of us, took some cool pics, unfortunately due to the thick fog we were not able to enjoy the sunrise to its full beauty.

    I'm going to keep an eye on your travels, something is telling me it should be pretty exciting :)))

    What's your next stop?

    Svitlana and Craig.

  5. Hi Svitlana and Craig!

    From your description Lombok seems very nice!! but it will have to be for our next trip :)

    We are currently in Lovina! :) its actually really nice! this morning we saw a lot of Dolphins which was really cool :)

    On Thursday we leave to South Korea so we will move on Wednesday to Kuta to be closure to the air port.

    Juana e Antonio


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