Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, KL!

From GeorgeTown we traveled by bus to Kuala Lumpur! The buses in Malaysia are pretty comfortable and spacious!

The first thing we went to check out as soon as we arrived in KL!! the Petrona towers of course!  

Sightseeing in KL,

In KL you see the Indian, Malay and Chinese influence everywhere! As well the Muslim community,

A must see attraction near KL are the Batu Caves,

Different warnings than usual, 

Gastronomical sightseeing in KL :)))))


Yummy tuna roti!!

A very different tea to what we are use to heheehe

Interesting ways to spell Portuguese :)

The KL towers by night are quite impressive,

This picture defines very well Malaysia,

Different cultures and religions coexisting peacefully! 

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