Kaub koon Thailand, Thank you Thailand

Kaub koon Thailand, Thank you Thailand! We didn't know what to expect from Thailand!
We were positively surprised! to see that although there is a lot of tourists you can still find genuine places and have your own spot in the beach!

Thai people are just soo nice!! We are so happy to have met Nui our colleague from Cisco that showed us around Bangkok! We had an amazing time! Thank you Nui!!!!

We love the flavors of Thai food! the spices, lemongrasssss ahhh Thai Basil! How we miss you!!!

yummy sea food! 

partnered with a fresh Singha beer!

Trying some local delicacies in Bangkok!

A very popular dessert in Thailand!

Bangkok's China town! 

After we went to pay our respect to the gods and make a wish! 

If what you wishes for came true you can pay some dancers to thank the gods! 

Antonio doing the ritual,

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