New Zealand: Queenstown and Te Anau

Our next stop was the famous capital of adrenaline Queenstown!

We had to try this burger everyone talked about! the freg burger .... it was a massiveeeeee burger btw! 

We had ordered two burgers... but we ended up eating just one... that is how massive they are! 

Ahhh what a beautiful view :) 

Something very normal in New Zealand... walking bare foot! 

We had to upgrade a little bit our clothes in New Zealand as it was so cold!! hats, gloves and thermal shirts! instead of getting extremely heavy clothes we choose to use the layering strategy :) 

From Queenstown we drove to Te Anau. We stayed one night in this really cozy hostel! We had our own mountain cabin,

Time to cook dinner! In all the hostels we stayed in NZ there was always a shared kitchen and dinning space. The dinning space in this hostel was really cozyyyyyy! 

Dinner & Planning! 

After dinner! A pool game :) 

 Our next stop an overnight cruise at the Doubtful Sound!

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