New Zealand: Lake Tekapo

From Auckland we took a flight to Christchurch in the South Island. We didn't spent much time in Christchurch, we went ahead to pick our ride! It had been a long time since we drove... and on the other side of the road! 

Let the road trip begin! First stop: Lake Tekapo

We got our rental with Jucy! our ride name was: "El Cheapo" the cheapest rental available! We strongly recommend this company! awesome support with NZ humor!

We stayed in the BBH Hostel - Tailor-Made-Tekapo Backpackers
During our stay in NZ we used the BBH Hostel for find our hostels, so far we had always used trip advisor... guess what... In New Zealand internet is extremely expensive!!!! so we went old style! a booklet and a phone card to call to reserve the hostels!

All these hostels had a kitchen you could share with other guests. This was the first time in our trip that we cooked almost all the time our own food... it was actually really nice!!! we definitely eat much more healthier food! 

So far in the trip, excluding Fiji, we always stayed in a double room with a private bathroom... but this time the private bathroom was really expensive! so we just took the private room but with shared barthroom. To be honest we never had big problems about it! it was always really clean and neat.

Time for breakfast and exploration mode on!

 Don't forget to wash you dishes before you leave!!!! the New Zealand Humor:

The best way to enjoy the Lake Tekapo is just going for a trek around it! 

Time to head back and have some dinner!

We decided to have dinner at the same time as everyone else... the result a busy kitchen! 

Couscous with garbanzo beans and carrot! and some eggs with ham for tomorrow lunch!  

Time to clean up! right Antonio :)

What we found really nice about this hostel is that there was a space for everyone to store their food! All the drawers clearly indicated where the utensils were located, it really helped to navigate the kitchen :)

Next Stop Mount Cook! 

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