Bula Bula Fiji!!!

After 7 months on the road! A vacation from the vacation sounded really good!! We were not planning to stop by Fiji, since it can be a very $$$ destination... but it was a free stop in our around the world ticket! So we thought why not!! 

After a lot of researching we decided instead of staying in the main island (Viti Levu) to head to a more remote island! We picked the Octopus Resort in the Yasawa Islands.  Remember the Castway movie? it was filmed in Fiji, in an island close to the Yasawa Islands. 

To reach this island took us around 1h30min! But we were in very good company! We met Alexis and Martin! With whom we had an awesome timeeeeeeee!!!! and met again after 5 months later in Austin, US! 

We were greeted with a welcoming song! 

and a nice cocktail! 

Our budget couldn't cope with a double room in this resort... so choose to go to the dorms! This was the first time after 7 months of traveling we stayed in a dorm.... we were a bit reluctant, but it turned out to be an awesome experience!!! 

First off all it was one of the few rooms that had AC! :)  and all the other room mates were really nice! They gave us some great tips for our next destination New Zealand!  The majority of the guests on the resort were coming back from New Zealand and heading back home! 

Sleeping in the dorms left like summer camp! Everyone goes to bed and starts sharing their stories until the late night! 

We loved the idea of having communal tables for the guests,

This was a great opportunity to meet everyone in the resort! share travel stories, tips and advises! 

Time for some yummy lunch!!

Ahhhh relaxxxxxx!!

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