Thank you Singapore! and Happy New Year 2013!!!

We have been a bit behind in our posts :) We know! A lot has happen since we arrive from this incredible adventure!!! We will give you more details soon :) 

We would like to wish you a wonderful 2013!!!! :) 

Singapore!!! Oh men what a place to be! We strongly recommend it! specially if you want to live in Asia this is the perfect place to land! It is an incredible mix of cultures on a super dynamic and fast pacing place! 
It does have a couple of things some people don't like... which are all the rules regarding things like chewing gum and drinking or eating in the subway! but if you can adapt to them! it is an incredibly safe place to be.  

Just walk around an absolve all this energy! 

The Chinese influence, 

The financial district, 

 The Beautiful marina, 
Incredible artificial beaches! 
The Singapore Lion! 

Food, Food, Food and FOOD!!!! paradise!
There is activities for everyone!!! Us trying to learn how to fly!!!
Thank you Singapore!! We had an amazing time!!!!

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