Koh Tao: Relax and Scuba paradise!

After Bangkok we decided to head to Koh Tao a little island very famous in Thailand for getting your PADI Certifications! at a really nice price! and with accommodation included!

It was a long journey from Bangkok.. a long bus ride and after a catamaran trip! but totally worth it!

Our bus was packet with tourists! and it was really hot that is why everyone is looking quite miserable :P

some interesting sights a long the way!

Ahhhhh!! a glimpse of paradise! 


We got a really cool deal when we booked our bus and catamaran ticket! for more 4 bucks we will get a basic room for one night! so way not!! :)  Nothing is better than traveling in low season!!! :)

So we arrived! settled in .... next step! FOOOOODDDD... we found this amazing place where the food and juices were systematically good and cheap! around 2-3 euros curry!! We ended up eating here every single day!! Why change if you are having good food a cheap food? this was our food motto in our world trip! :) 

yummy veggie curry, 

and noodles! 

and to finish in style! an amazing banana pancake!

Task for the next day! find our serfs a good Scuba school to take our PADI Open Water certificate! Which would allow us to dive until 20 meters by our selfs!

We ended up selecting Pura Vida Diving! and we did our PADI certification with an amazing instructor! Zigor Anibarro! 

The course was 4 days and it was included the stay in this amazing little piece of heaven!

The view from our room,

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